The Benefits of Using LED Message Signs for Small Business Owners

Traditional marketing – from putting out adverts in newspapers, radio, and TV to posting ads on the internet – can be very expensive and far from cost-efficient for small business owners. To promote their business, small business owners need to think of ways in order to promote their names and products or services in an effective but affordable way. One of the best ways to do this is to use innovative solutions such as putting up LED message signs.

Admittedly, LED signs are everywhere, and some business owners think they might just end up putting up “one of those signs”. Here’s what these business owners don’t know: LED business signs are one of the most cost-effective methods of advertising especially for small businesses. LED message signs have the potential to be a very effective way to get a business’ name out there, and they offer many benefits that are essential for small businesses.

Low Maintenance

LED signs require a single investment of a business’ marketing budget. Once the sign is installed, the business’ name is advertised all year-round. Depending on the type of LED sign used, the business can easily update the contents to show changes in their services, products, or business hours. Because these displays use LEDs, it requires less maintenance compared to static displays or neon signs. LED signs are very ideal for outdoor applications, and can be equipped to be waterproof for areas that are humid or extremely wet.

Long Service Life

LEDs, on average, last several years longer than traditional light bulbs. LED signs stay brighter longer than fluorescent and neon signs, and can maintain the same level of brightness throughout their service life. Shop owners won’t have to bother too much or too often about changing the bulbs or tubes in their signs because the LEDs essentially won’t burn out.

Eye-Catching Brightness

For any business, being visible to clients and potential customers at all times is very important. Businesses need effective ways to attract customers to check out their stores, and LED message signs offer exactly this. LED signs are bright and striking that even passing cars can see them from afar. What makes LED displays ideal for advertising any business is its ability to be very visible during daytime and at night. Regardless what time of day it is, LED signs are eye-catching enough that potential customers won’t be able to miss them.

Better Appearance

Business owners who have used neon signs and other traditional static signs know that every few months, their signs need to be updated. Regular maintenance that involves changing light bulbs or tubes is necessary to keep the brightness of the signs uniform. Half-lit or dimly-lit signs reflect poorly on a business and can affect the perception of customers. By using LED signs, shops won’t have to worry about their appearance. LED signs have a longer service life compared to traditional static signs or neon signs, and they require less upkeep, if any at all. The brightness stays uniform as well.

Variety of Options

LEDs offer versatility which can be very important in creating a business’ LED logo or display. Combining colors and lights, creating movement, and adding animation are all possible with LED displays. Crown Neon Signs can make it possible to show off a business’ services or products, which is very important for a small business that wants to attract more clients.


4 Benefits of LED Signs for Small Businesses, Mossbauer Science News