Why Choose Quality Neon Signs in Tulsa for business Establishments?

Neon lights have been a staple of business signage that you can see it today in decrepit, abandoned buildings and new, budding establishments alike. If you’re looking for creative, efficient, and energy-saving ideas for Tulsa signs to set up for your business, going neon just might be your key. Here are some reasons to hire companies like Crown Neon Signs for your business.

Neon Lights

Imagine an abandoned urban building that you typically see in the movies. Aside from the broken windows, the fallen bricks, and deteriorating stonework, another essential element that always seem to be present is the neon sign that’s either still fully-functioning or at least flickering as if on the verge of failing. This is because most neon lights can last up to ten years, while some fail only because of electrical problems.

Low Energy Cost

According to an article from eHow, neon lighting also brings with it the advantage of low energy expenditure:

“Because the actual light is produced by the interaction of gas with electricity, neon lights use significantly less energy than traditional lights. For the most part, traditional lights employ electricity as the actual light source, but neon lights use electricity as a means to instigate light. Some estimates put energy savings as high as 50 to 70 percent.”


One of the main things that makes neon signage appealing to some people is the fact that it’s easily customizable. You can practically turn it into whichever shape you want, as long as the glass tubes that the neon is placed on can handle it. This sparks the creativity of many, turning their neon signs into an artistic show of text fonts, images, and other sorts of design.

In conclusion, having neon signs in Tulsa, OK can really liven up your place of business and give it that nice, “we’re over here” spark that could be seen from afar at night. So think about it, is putting up neon signs the best step for you? That is the question.

(Source: The Advantages of Using Neon Light, eHow)

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