LED Signs

High-Quality Promotional Signs for Your Business from Crown Neon Signs
LED signs advertises your message in a way that will hit your target market with decisive impact. You may commonly see them in casinos, but the truth is, they are also effective in attracting market for other kinds of businesses. However way you look at it, these signs always have a unique way of getting your brand and your message noticed, setting yourself apart from competition every time.

Custom Channel Letter Signs

Channel Letter signs are custom and individually-made letter signs that benefit from both external and internal background lighting. The best part about investing in a Channel Letter sign for your brand is that you can have it done whatever size you want. In fact, you can even have each letter built with its very own support structure. Displaying your company logo with a Channel Letter sign is a good way to market your brand, especially in a high-traffic area.

Pole Signs (aka Pylon Signs)

polesmallPole signs refer to those raised signs that are typically extended all the way to the very top of a building or even higher. Because of its height, it offers your brand greater visibility across a wider target area as the sign can be readily seen from farther distances. This is also a great marketing sign for your business to use if your store happens to be situated by an interstate or main highway. More importantly, a pole sign is perfect for establishing top-of-mind brand recall, which is essential if your business happens to be in the service industry.

Monument Signs

Monument sign with pan facesMonument signs refer to signs typically placed right in front of the storefront instead of being fastened to the property itself. Usually free standing and low level, these signs are ideally used in front of much larger office buildings that have multiple floors. The best part about this kind of sign is that it works well with our very own LED Message Centers. What’s more, our sign company can also work with you in combining monument signs with other kinds of signs in order to best advertise your brand to your market.

Neon Signs

inside shop neon 3Another kind of sign that is popular among businesses today is the neon sign, which contains “neon,” a low-pressure gas. This gas is enclosed within a bent glass tube in order to form a recognizable form, shape or even letter. Once high-voltage electricity passes through the neon, the gases glow brightly, making the ad it displays stand out.

Sign Types

Crown Neon Signs is pleased to provide quality custom sign services for Oklahoma businesses and organizations from start to finish. Look through the sign portfolio either to get a feel for the craftsmanship of Crown Neon Signs and gain inspiration for your own sign type and style. From channel letter signs to make your brand pop out from a building to pole signs that allow your sign to be visible to highway traffic, the sign experts at Crown Neon Signs in Tulsa, OK are up to the task. For business property managers with many signs to display, monument signs can display multiple signs with ease for years to come. For a sign that is ever-changing to attract the maximum amount of attention, catch customer eyes with quality LED signs. For custom neon signs for many years of use in a restaurant or bar, Crown Neon Signs is ready to put your message or brand in lights. If you’re barely sure of where to begin, the Tulsa sign experts have provided a help sign buying guide for your convenience as well as being happy to answer any questions you may have. Stay updated with what’s happening with the official blog of Crown Neon Signs and feel free to contact them with any question or to request free estimate on a sign that will make your brand pop.