Pole Signs (aka Pylon Signs)

Pole Signs are raised signs that extend to the top of the business building or higher.

A pole sign’s main purpose is to be as visible as possible. Depending on your cities regulations you can go as high as you want. Pole Signs are used to make your business visible from a farther distance so people can located you easily and effectively. This is most effective if you are located near a main highway or interstate.


Make your business visible from the street with pylon signs and pole signs from Crown Neon Signs.

For businesses located in the nooks of shopping centers or organizations not directly visible from the street, the sign experts from Crown Neon Sign in Tulsa, OK are thrilled to provide professional pole signs and pylon signs for increased visibility. Whether you’re a lone business in need of a sign positioned where drivers can see it or you’re a property manager in need of a way for businesses to be seen, pole signs and pylon signs provide optimal visibility. Capable of displaying just one or many signs, pole signs and pylon signs have the ability to expand the appearance of multiple business signs for an entire shopping center. In order to maximize your business location’s visibility, single pole sign or two-pole pylon signs help bring your brand to the streets. Allow the sign experts at Crown Neon Signs in Tulsa, OK to work with you on a pylon sign or pole signage to meet your organization’s or facility’s needs.


Take your message to the streets with a pole sign or pylon sign from Crown Neon Signs in Tulsa, OK.

Looking for a way to get your name out beyond your physical location? The professional pylon signs from Tulsa’s own Crown Neon Signs have the possibility of presenting many different business names to the street traffic. Saving while also maximizing space, pylon signs keep one street area from becoming cluttered or putting the attention to one sign in combination with another. Only have one business that requires additional exposure? Pole signs are a great way to ensure visibility from road traffic with minimal qualms regarding installation due to the single-pole design. For all your outdoor signs, indoor signs, and all related illuminated signs, Crown Neon Signs of Tulsa, OK is excited to help you maximize your sign space. When more signs are needed, feel free to look through Crown Neon Signs’ other sign types for inspiration.