Monument Signs

Monument Signs are free standing, low-level signs that are usually placed in front of a business rather than being attached to the building itself. You usually see these types of signs in front of larger buildings such as an office building with multiple floors.

Monument Signs can be combined with other sign types too. A popular combination is with our LED Message Centers.


For a sign that tells customers you’re here to stay, look into a monument sign from Crown Neon Signs.

While other signs can come and go, a monument sign from Crown Neon Signs in Tulsa, OK not only puts your brand out there, but tells passing traffic that your business or organization is also in for the long haul. Delivering quality along with beauty, a monument sign is a great way to bring any message or identify a shopping center, neighborhood, or other community area for those coming through. From businesses to communities or other forms of organization, monument signs are built to last for customer businesses that are trying to convey the same message to potential customers, congregants, or community members. For the utmost in quality outdoor signs, monument signs are some of the highest quality exterior signs available for those who are looking to draw attention to a sign with a sign. For the utmost in outdoor business sign construction, look no further than the selection of monument signs from Crown Neon Signs located in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


Monument signs from Crown Neon Signs are not only built to last, but say the same about you.

Optimal for office buildings containing multiple companies, monument signs help to add prestige to one’s office location to make the best possible impression with clients. By investing in a high-end monument sign, you’re telling visitors and clients that you’re here to stay and dedicated to bringing them quality service for years to come. If you’re a property manager for an office or shopping facility, providing a quality monument sign display for those leasing space can help those businesses and organizations increase their visibility to driver or pedestrian traffic. A monument sign is an investment in the quality and longevity of a business or organization. For the highest quality monumental outdoor business sign construction and all other forms of outdoor sign, Crown Neon Signs in Tulsa, Oklahoma is dedicated to increasing the visibility of your business or organization. For more, feel free to investigate Crown Neon Signs’ other sign types.