Neon Signs

Neon Signs are a common place type of sign. Most recognized for their brightness, Neon Signs contain low-pressure gas called neon. When the neon is charged with a high voltage it causes the gases to glow very brightly. The gas is contained within a glass tube that is hand bent into specific sections to make a shape, letter or form.


Crown Neon Signs is proud to carry on the legacy of providing high quality custom neon signs.

A favorite of days gone by, Crown Neon Signs is pleased to keep the bulbs glowing of a favorite accessory of Americans from the 1920s through the 1960s. From neon beer signs to neon business signs, Crown Neon Signs is pleased to fashion custom neon signs for use wherever the owner desires. From creating neon bar signs to advertise beverages in the darkness of the local tavern to outdoor neon signs to be used on the sign of retro movie theatre, the sign specialists at Crown Neon Signs are happy to keep neon business signs alive both in popularity as well as in use with neon sign repairs. Extending past being used in business to being used in one’s own personal hang out, the sign builders at Crown Neon Signs also provide custom made neon signs that act as personalized neon signs to illuminate a poker game spot or a bar in the den. For use indoors as well as providing outdoor neon signs to withstand the elements, Crown Neon Signs’ team of sign experts help turn customer sign ideas into quality neon signs along with professional installation.


Businesses are invited to put their names in lights with custom made neon signs.

Ever notice how that neon beer sign from decades ago is still glowing strong? Quality neon signs tend to have a long life which is why the sign experts at Crown Neon Signs invite businesses to invest in custom made neon signs. From providing personalized neon signs as gifts to using custom neon signs to help with label branding in bars, Tulsa’s own Crown Neon Signs is pleased to supply local, regional, national, and international companies with neon designs to help spread their name for many years to come. Whether the need is for outdoor neon signs or neon beer signs to perpetuate a certain brand of beer in a bar, businesses are invited to work with Crown Neon Signs’ professionals to find the best use of materials, design, and installation of custom neon signs. For some of the finest neon designs available, Crown Neon Signs has a long history of crafting some of the highest quality neon signs available for businesses and individuals in Tulsa, OK and beyond. For additional sign styles, look through Crown Neon Signs’ other sign types.