Custom Channel Letter Signs

Channel Letters are individually constructed letters that can have both internal and external background light. A benefit of having a Channel Letter sign is that each letter can be as big as you want because each one has it’s own support structure.

Since each letter can be larger than most signs, this is an effective way to showcase your business name, especially on a busy street.

A channel letter sign allows your name to stand out from amongst a sea of ordinary signs.

Whether you’re a new business trying to attract new customers or you’re an existing organization with a location in need of a face-lift, the channel letter signs from Crown Neon Signs may be right for you. Whether day time or night time, a channel letter sign helps display your company’s name in a pronounced way while not being an eyesore to potential customers in passing. Since each sign is customized to fit the need of the organization or business, you’re not stuck trying to fill sign space you don’t need. Especially effective for those located in shopping centers where standing out is crucial, channel letter signs bring your name and logo front-and-center for a sharp sign with elegance. In order to put a new face on your organization or business, contact the sign experts at Crown Neon Signs in Tulsa, OK for a custom channel letter sign crafted to your exact specifications.

Provide a great first impression with a professional channel letter illuminated sign.

The look of the exterior of your business or organization is often the customers’ first impression. In order to help make the very best first impression, the outdoor business signs of Crown Neon Signs are each custom-made to provide a feeling of what your organization is about before they even step through the door. Channel letter exterior signs are a good way to provide a look of professionalism and efficiency while standing out from amongst surrounding signs as the letters stand out from the building structure. Very easily read at night, illuminated channel letter signs don’t force customers to read between the lines as each letter is individually illuminated. The sign experts at Crown Neon Signs in Tulsa, OK are pleased to help you stand out from amongst the competition with a stunning illuminated channel letter sign. For signs like this or of another style, Crown Neon Signs is pleased to carry a variety of sign types.