Different Advertising Colors Used in Tulsa Signs and Their Messages

Some advertising professionals, as well as some sign makers, know that colors in Tulsa signs can convey a certain message. Essentially, the kind of colors they use will depend on the kind of message they want to convey to an audience.


All Tulsa signs like those made by Crown Neon Signs have different colors to use. Among the most popular ones are blue, green, red, and yellow. Given that each color conveys a certain message or two, they can help decide which one is most suitable to apply on company signs or other large-sized print media.


Among other things, blue represents clarity, productivity, reliability, and stability. Brands such as American Express, Dell, Ford, Oreo, and Twitter have blue-themed logos. Probably a reason for blue giving the impression of productivity and stability is that ancient people believed the blue sky was home to powerful gods.


Green, the color of nature, conveys a sense of balance, harmony, and tranquility. Among the brands with green logos are Animal Planet, Holiday Inn, Starbucks, and Tropicana. A shade of bright green is a symbol of environmental awareness used by cause-oriented groups. Holidays like Christmas and St. Patrick’s Day also use green.


Essentially, red is an “action” color. Red represents excitement, vibrancy, boldness, and youth that stirs audiences to action. Alternatively, it conveys comfort, love, romance, and warmth, especially during Valentine’s Day. Brands with red signs include Coca Cola, Lays, KFC, Toyota, and–most especially–the Red Cross.


Yellow is arguably the most eye-catching color in advertising. The color represents optimism, rejuvenation, and warmth. Advertisers often use yellow to promote food, beauty, and other products designed to make people feel happy. Brands with yellow signs include Best Buy, IMDb, McDonald’s, and Shell.

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