Tips on Selecting LED Message Signs and Other Digital Signage Displays

Years ago, businesses often turn to tarpaulins printed with big, bold letters in bright colors. These traditional signage displays have been effective not only in catching the attention of passersby, but also in establishing the brand identity of a business. Simply put, signage displays are one way that a business can introduce themselves in the least amount of time.

Today’s technological advances, however, gradually replaced tarpaulins with digital signage displays. Now, businesses can attract the attention of passersby through ever-changing text and product highlights without the limited space of a tarpaulin.

Factors Affecting Your Choice of Display

When choosing digital signage displays, business owners often make their decision the way they would choose a vehicle, with a particular bias toward a brand name and size. Though it would be easy for a business to do the same, keep in mind that there are other factors to be considered as well.

Of course, a display’s size and shape is among the most basic factors. Other than these, you must also consider the screen’s bezel width, thickness, display control, brightness, contrast ratio, resolution, image appearance, and energy conservation capabilities, among many others. This is to ensure that you’re getting a digital signage that will work for your own needs.

LCD and LED Screens

Typically, LCD and LED are the most common models of flat panel displays, though the latter is now the preferred option. LED signs make use of either a matrix of LEDs behind the screen or an array of side-mounted LEDs replacing the cold cathode fluorescent light lamps. In fact, digital display manufacturers are now choosing the performance and economies of back-lit, edge-lit, and direct-lit LED panels.

Unlike LCDs, LED screens offer a sharper and clearer image and displays brighter colors and better contrast. These displays are also slimmer, with some commercial displays being only a few millimeters in depth compared to the width of LCDs. More importantly, making use of LEDs can be cost-efficient over time, as it uses over 50 percent less power than LCDs. This can be of great help in reducing your operating costs.

You can always trust LED message signs to catch the attention of everyone and make your business stand out from the competition, but only if you’re able to source your own displays from reputable manufacturers.