Great Ways to Use LED Message Signs to Increase Business Visibility

With the myriad of benefits LED message signs offer, it’s no surprise that businesses from various industries use them whenever possible. LED signs are well-known for their less expensive operating costs, longer service life, better color options, easier installation and operation, and more variety when it comes to ads that can be put up. As such, it has also become important for businesses to use LED message signs in a more creative and more appealing way.

As a business owner, you’d want your sign not just to be seen but also to be able to grab the attention of potential customers. Here are some eye-catching ways you can use LED signs to increase your business visibility.

Using Colorful Text, Images, and Animation Outdoor Signs

Nowadays, it’s not enough to just put up an advertisement with only your business name on it. Because others are also using colorful signs to get noticed, you’ll have to think of ways to make sure your LED sign is more striking, more informative, and even more entertaining. If you have a large enough budget, you should consider creating an LED sign with animation and colorful text and placing it on a billboard. Passers-by will surely notice such a bright display and spark interest in what you’re offering.

Using Bold Statement on Large Outdoor Signs

It’s important to make your business sign large enough so that drivers can see it and easily locate your store. To create interest in your products or services, it would also help if you make a bold statement on your LED sign, such as saying you are offering the best items or the best services at affordable rates. Some passers-by may not hire you or buy from you immediately, but putting up an LED sign like this may lead them to visit your shop.

Using Flashing or Scrolling Indoor Signs

LED signs can also be used indoors to guide customers to certain areas where they can find various products. For static messages, you can use a flashing or an animated LED sign with information about what products can be found in that part of the store, such as “Kids’ Clothing and Toys”. You can also program a scrolling LED message sign to show information about your products and what promos you’re currently offering.

Advertising on Cars

One great way to reach customers in areas far from your physical store is to place LED message signs on the sides of trucks, buses, and company vehicles. This will allow you to take your marketing messages almost anywhere.

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