Tips for Creating Business Signs for Small and Medium-Sized Companies

Business signs should do more than just announce where the shop is. An effective business sign can engage potential customers and encourage them to make a purchase.

Contrary to what some business owners will tell you, a business sign need not be extravagant or showy – all it needs to be is memorable.

The Economic Impact of a Memorable Business Sign

Companies, regardless of its size and industry, always make use of on-site signs to communicate with their customers. According to a study conducted by researchers from University of Cincinnati, an effective business sign has a direct positive economic impact as it helps increase sales, create additional employment, increase customer satisfaction, establish the presence of local brands and increase tax revenues for the community.

How Small and Medium-Sized Firms Use Signs to Attract More Customers

However, most businesses make the mistake of making the sign too colorful, cramming it with too much information, or using a completely inappropriate logo. While these failed signage examples are memorable in their own right, they are remembered by consumers for a completely different reason; a reason that does not help increase sales.

With this in mind, how can you design an effective business sign?


The first characteristic an effective business sign must have is it should be clearly visible. Consider the placement of your business sign from all vantage points and make sure that the view is not obstructed by telephone lines, trees, buildings, or any other tall structure.

It must stand out from the rest, and this means adjusting the signage’s font (including its size and color), background design, color scheme and brightness, and the quality of graphics. You also need to decide whether adding some lights would help make your sign more visible.

Send the Right Message

Consider the message and content of your signage. For business signs, brevity and simplicity are key. Customers who are driving or passing by won’t be able to read everything at once anyway. The goal is to catch the customer’s attention. You can always tell them more about your company and brand as soon as they step inside your shop.

Ideally, business signages should only have seven words or less, but don’t forget to add your address and contact details like number and website URL at the footer of your signage so customers will know how to contact you in case they have inquiries relating to your product or services.

Must follow specifications according to existing laws

As much as you want to put up the biggest, boldest, and most colorful business signage that your budget will allow, you’re still subject to existing laws and ordinances in your area. You might even be required to get some special permit just to prove that your signage poses no safety hazard.

Remember that first impressions count when it comes to business signages. Make sure to contact only professional signage companies to create a business sign that you can be proud of.


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