Remember: Tiny Errors when Designing Tulsa Signs have a Huge Impact

It’s important for businesses to give their signage and logos plenty of thought because even the tiniest mistake on visual design can cost them their bottom-line. Sage contributor Sonya Stinson recounted the story of Gap, Inc. and their attempt to change their logo in October, 2010 into something more contemporary and stylish. Instead, many of their customers criticized the new design, prompting the clothing company to quickly revert to their classic logo just a week later.

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The same debacle can happen when Oklahoma businesses haphazardly redesign their Tulsa signs to give their businesses a new image, which is why they’re better off relying on experts like Crown Neon Signs for their branding needs. In addition to their skills and experience in visual design, reputable sign companies can also recommend the most suitable sign type that a particular business should employ in order to entice new customers, all the while keeping their original business image intact.

For instance, channel letter signs are excellent for brand awareness because they’re larger than other signs. They also tend to attract more attention even when placed on a busy street, especially if the letters were illuminated using neon or LEDs. Directly-mounted channel letters, in particular, are clean-looking and give off an air of authority unlike other types of signs, although they require more work when it comes to installation and maintenance. If direct-mounting isn’t an option, channel letters can be placed on raceways: long, rectangular aluminum mounts that contain the sign’s electrical components and power supply.

Of course, even the largest and most fashionable channel letters won’t be effective if they fail to meet certain criteria. Appearance-wise, signs don’t just have to be eye-catching and trendy in order to be memorable; they also have to be visible regardless of weather conditions and the time of day. If the business establishment is located near a fast traffic location, for example, its signage should be very large so that it can be easily read and remembered by passersby.

There is also the fact that it should meet local building codes. Oklahoma, for instance, requires commercial signs in Tulsa and elsewhere to be 8 ft. from the ground and be at most 100 sq. ft. in size. Free-standing signs, on the other hand, can be as large as 200 sq. ft. and as tall as 40 ft. from the ground. Lighting fixtures are permitted, although flashing lights shouldn’t be used.

By taking these factors into account, businesses can avoid a massive backlash over their logo and choice of signage.

(Source: Design For Success: How To Choose The Right Visual Elements To Define Your Brand, Forbes, June 30, 2014)

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