Tulsa Sign Companies Helping Express the Accolades You’re Famous For

Oklahomans have many reasons to be proud of their states, one of which is being home to a lot of famous people. Some towns in the Sooner State, however, take pride a step further.

A handful of towns have taken the liberty of erecting welcome signs, followed by at least one famous person who was born or raised there. Jimmie Tramel of Tulsa World cited examples in four municipalities: Okmulgee, Henryetta, Salina, and Foyil.

5 to find

Make that five: Checotah, home of American Idol 2005 winner Carrie Underwood.

As it turns out, the habit’s not exclusive to Oklahoma. All across North America, towns and cities have something to be proud of, not necessarily being home to the rich and famous. As an example, Hartford, KY takes pride in being home to “2,000 happy people and a few soreheads.” A town called Rennie in Manitoba will be home to something or someone famous “someday.”

For such signs, however, their greatest enemy will be Mother Nature. Over time, wear and tear will make words lose their letters and cause messages to be lost in translation. In addition, being in the path of Tornado Alley, Tulsa’s simple signs can be knocked down with ease or, worse, never be found again.

Fortunately, established Tulsa sign companies like Crown Neon Signs offer alternatives to the basic welcome signs. Among them is the monument sign, a low-level sign typically attached to a masonry base. Some examples can be found in Dilworth, MN, Huntingdon, PA, and Langford, SD. The materials used allow these signs to last longer even in the worst conditions.

LED welcome signs are less common, but they can fit more messages than static signs. You may think only booming municipalities can afford these signs, but small towns like Blacksburg, SC and Castle Rock, CO welcome visitors with striking marquees. In case of emergencies, LED signs can deliver advisories in a flash.

Businesses can also learn from Oklahoma’s proud towns. If they just received ISO certification, for example, they have the right to let their clients know that their business practices are world-class. They can add the ISO logo to their signage or flash the good news on the LED screen. Whatever your accomplishment, Tulsa sign businesses can make them readable to everyone.

(Source: “5 to Find: ‘Sign language’ of Oklahoma towns honoring their famous citizens,” Tulsa World, August 6, 2014)

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