3 Reasons to Update Your Business Sign

Traffic going past business sign

3 Reasons to update your business sign

The Technology boom  has been changing our world rapidly growing exponentially,  especially over the last 5 years.  Every part of our society and culture has been impacted by this rapid growth, including your business sign!  Indications of this are everywhere.  In a Quora.com article “What are some cool things we can do now that we couldn’t 5 years ago because of science?” they list new job postings that seemed like science fiction articles if they were posted a few years ago.

These high tech jobs weren’t around 5 years ago



These innovations and discoveries have permeated practically every industry that we can imagine including small businesses and sign companies.  Advances in technologies like LED Displays, LED Lighting,  improvements in graphic capabilities, and 3D printing for signs and marketing have helped level the playing field for many small businesses.  These advances can be applied to your business, group, or church can give you a quick and cost effective competitive edge over the competition via:

  • Top of mind awareness (TOMA) – refers to a brand or specific product being first in customers’ minds when thinking of a particular industry or category.
  • First impression – When a prospective customer sees your sign or advertisement and immediately forms a mental image.
  • Energy Savings – LED lighting in business signs are 50% to 70% more efficient than fluorescent lighting.

With the latest advances in tech your Business Sign can be seen much better,  more often, at a lower cost.

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Work Closely with Tulsa Sign Companies to Get Your LED Signage Right

Even with the prevalence of the Internet and online marketing, a good store front sign is still effective at gaining customers. One study released by FedEx, Ketchum Global Research & Analytics, and ORC International in 2012 showed the role of signage in generating sales as well as the effects of having a bad sign. Some of the highlights were included in LexJet’s blog post dated May, 24 2012:
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Liquid Fire: the History behind the Neon that Lights up Tulsa Signs

Neon lights are ubiquitous in the night life of any major city in the world. Since their inception, they have come to illuminate the night with their flash and color, as Examiner.com’s Meagan Meehan observed:

“Mostly everyone has seen neon signs from time to time. They appear across a wide range of businesses from diners to car washes. They also advertise movies and storefronts. Some places, like Times Square and Las Vegas, are famous for the enormous amount of neon signs displayed in close quarters.

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True Nostalgia from Tulsa Sign Makers: L.A.’s Classic Neon Sign Glory

Before local Tulsa sign companies like Crown Neon Signs (as well as others all throughout the nation) became the trend for advertising signage, numerous American cities have been illuminated by neon signs dating as far back as the Roaring Twenties. Major cities come into full play when neon signs pop into mind—Las Vegas, New York, Atlantic City—but there’s one city that deserves to be in the conversation.
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Sign Talk: Keeping Timeless Tulsa Signs Working Despite the Changes

For years now, Cavis Grill in Port Huron, MI has been a pit stop for hungry motorists plying the city’s busy highways. Its towering neon sign has served as a beacon that extends for miles, drawing many to the good old comfort food it serves. Today, however, the sign is beyond any hope of repair, and the current owners are planning to make some drastic changes, as Nicholas Grenke of the Times Herald reports.

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The Ultimate Signage: Tulsa Sign Companies’ LED Signs Top Them All

Despite the popularity of online marketing, traditional marketing tools like signage will not die easily. In fact, a lot of signage designers and manufacturers in Tulsa are utilizing new technology to maintain the trust and interest of the commercial sector. Besides, small locally run businesses cannot rely on the Internet alone when promoting their products and services. Traditional marketing tools are still needed to establish the business’ presence, and give it a foothold on the local market.
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